Channeling Victory through
Perseverance and Innovation
Channeling Victory through
Perseverance and Innovation
Quantifying impact in real-time!
ConsCent facilitates a powerful ‘direct-to-consumer’ flow for media, gaming, and streaming platforms. Sigurd has helped ConsCent in engaging various media houses to build there content. Sigurd also helped raise Seed funding from different people across media companies.
Immunity and Strength – the Ultimate combinations! Changing the dynamics of fitness in India by combining immunity and strength. Protein happens to be the biggest nutritional gap in Indian diet. Extensive studies and research suggest that almost 9 out of 10 Indians are protein deficient. Filling that nutritional void in Indian diet is the objective of Foodstrong.
Enabling Early Cancer detection
Karkinos is a technology-led oncology platform, is focused on designing and delivering bespoke solutions for cancer care. The company, is on a mission to create ‘cancer centers without walls’ to address the accessibility or affordability gaps in cancer care.
Democratizing access to retail space!
BLIV is building new-age financial instruments around NFTs. These derivatives would scale the NFT Ecosystem. Most trades made in NFTs don’t see cash, causing a liquidity problem. The primary issue the co-founders decided to work on is to solve the liquidity issue in the NFT market.
Logistics – The backbone our economy
The backbone to achieve the next-day delivery in India for eCommerce brands. Along with seed funding, Sigurd has helped them in customer acquisition.
Building on the expanding Digital footprint
Building on the expanding digital footprints. Sigurd has helped Bolt in networking with the leading blockchain companies and expanding their footprints in India along with Pre-IPO funds.

Our Partner Investments

Stealth Startup is focused upon creating a safer, trusted and effective way to communicate, transact, and create new experiences.
BharatPe empowers shop owners to accept payments from any payment app for FREE.
Chingari is one of the fastest-growing short video apps where you can create original videos, dance to your favourite tunes, try funny and exciting AR filters, and lip-sync to your favourite songs.
Bimaplan offers contextual and affordable insurance plans to low and middle-class populations in partnership with insurers, and building a unique distribution using digital channels.
Auric blends the age old ingredients innovatively to bring the best products for staying fit and improving body immunity.
Pee Safe offers a range of the finest hygiene products to keep customers- snug, clean and fresh all day.

Fueled through a vision to revolutionize the eyewear industry, ClearDekho delivers high quality affordable eyeglasses to the masses in small towns/cities across India.

ESS delivers engaging experiences throughout the buyer journey with AI-powered customer lifecycle management solutions.

Nimo aims to create the world’s best productivity computer that fits in the pocket and helps people to work from anywhere.

Accacia is an AI-enabled platform that allows RE and infrastructure owners, developers, asset managers, and operators to measure, track and manage their climate risks.

Website :

Founder : Malav Shah

Interality builds AI based tools & protocols that empower uniquely visualized miniverse ecosystem.

FAARMS is a digital platform offering a complete spectrum of agricultural solutions required by farmers by creating a marketplace that delivers seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, and other farm Agri products to the farm gate with cashless payment options.

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